4M - IntelliCAD

Modeling, Visualization, Data Exchange

4M IntelliCAD® Professional version, includes an advanced 3D Modelling environment, powered by Open CASCADE Technology.



  •  Create an advanced 3D Modelling environment within IntelliCAD®, the “Alternative CAD”, which is sponsored by ITC (IntelliCAD Technology Consortium).


  •  Development of a 3D Solid Modelling environment within IntelliCAD®, that uses Open CASCADE Technology;
  •  Adopting OPEN CASCADE components and tools for implementing specific features such as the ACIS compatibility issue*;
  •  Keeping the product at the leading edge of technology through access to new releases of Open CASCADE Technology.


  •  IntelliCAD®, which enjoys a widespread acceptance by the CAD users community, now includes a powerful 3D Solids environment;
  •  High product quality and impressive performances of the 3D Solid Modelling aspects;
  •  Affordable product cost, thanks to the higher productivity provided by the open source and Open CASCADE Technology Public License;
  •  Extended operability with other CAD systems thanks to the OPEN CASCADE components such as ACIS Import / Export*;
  •  Up-to-date technology on 3D Solids through access to future releases of Open CASCADE Technology.


(*) ACIS Import / Export - an advanced software component available from OPEN CASCADE - was used to provide ACIS compatibility.

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