AREVA NP - Charm Application

Modeling, Meshing, Solver Integration, Visualization

AREVA NP speeds up the design of nuclear power plants using Open CASCADE software components.


  •  Develop a 2D & 3D GUI application allowing to define different kinds of fuel assembly geometries in addition to experimental nuclear reactor cores.
  •  Mesh and assign physical properties to the models. . Export the models in APOLLO2-A, MCNP and TRIPOLI solvers formats.
  •  Visualize the imported results of solids in colors and diagrams.


  •  Development of pre- and post-processor applications based on Open CASCADE Technology and SUIT platform: "CHARM 2D" for 2D and "CHARM 3D" for 3D models design.
  •  Development of a command line executable to ease the integration within the customer system-codes and the validation process.


  •  Speed up the creation of APOLLO2-A, MCNP and TRIPOLI files: automation of the process reduces the design time from months to hours.
  •  Visualization of models during the design process. Now the end-user can display the resulting model at each step of the design phase, without running a calculation.
  •  Visualization of solver results in different modes allowing comparison and analysis of results.
  •  An increasing number of concerned end-users including AREVA NP, AREVA TA, EDF R&D, CEA.

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