BMW - Quick Mesh Application

Modeling, Meshing, Visualization, Data Exchange

Fast surface mesher for speeding up body prototyping at BMW.



  •  Cut car model development process time through streamlined generation of meshed models from different types of CAD modelers.


  •  Development of a semi-automatic graphic preprocessor to meet the specifications imposed by the computational fluid dynamics solver used at BMW.


  •  Generation of meshes for aerodynamics studies from CATIA V4 and other CAD models
  •  Shortened development process, from several days to several hours
  •  Specific application reusing external tools like the Simulog mesh optimization component within the Open CASCADE Application Framework

More about the project

The Quick Mesh Application is now being used by BMW for the preparation of 3D models for analytical studies.

This application was developed following BMW specifications by the OPEN CASCADE specific development team.

Quick Mesh retrieves data from CATIA V4 and other CAD modelers and generates meshes for aerodynamics studies that will meet the constraints imposed by the computational fluid dynamics solver used at BMW.

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