BRGM - Sub-Soil Modeling Tools

Modeling, Visualization

The first generation of sub-soil modeling tools for geo-engineers.



  •  Development of an application to model sub-soil objects, allowing the geo-engineer to represent 3D models from typical geoscience information: cross sections, maps, geological entities. The specialists require an architecture with high level portability and adaptability.


  •  Using Open CASCADE Technology reusable librairies, the "Geological Editor" provides a complete library of 2D & 3D geoscience objects including the GIS. It consists of several modules for import, cross sections, structural data, reconstruction and export. It helps geo-engineers extrapolate from cross sections built using physical measurements.


  •  Modeling of physical, geological and geometrical characteristics of a site could not be covered by standard CAD softwares. The application developed on the basis of Open CASCADE Technology coped with the task
  •  High level portability and adaptability.

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