CAD Assistant 1.2 is available for download

CAD Assistant version 1.2 is available for download


30 October, 2018

OPEN CASCADE CAD Assistant is an offline viewer and converter for 3D CAD files and meshes available on Windows, Linux, Android and IOS.

We are happy to announce a new version 1.2 of CAD Assistant.

Please enjoy these new features and fixes:

  •  glTF writer now exports into 2.0 version of this format.
  •  Option to rename a selected assembly part.
  •  Improved performance of Flat Shaded and Mesh Shrinked presentation modes.
  •  Improved robustness of dimensions import from STEP file.
  •  Improved selection performance in several worst cases.
  •  Fixed issue with hanging clipping plane presentation on big models.
  •  Fixed remaining issues with stylus input within Model Browser and Display Modes on Android platform.
  •  Fixed applying length units while reading VRML 2.0 files.

If somebody has missed CAD Assistant 1.1 (available since 2018-08-10 through automatic updates), here are the highlights of that release:

  •  New languages for user interface: French, Russian.
  •  New CAD import formats (DXF, ACIS) using OCC Commercial Components.
  •  New mesh import formats (WRL1, BLEND, 3MF, 3DM, 3DS, AC3D, AMF, ASE, COLLADA, X3D).
  •  Dimensions and tolerances information stored in STEP file is now displayed in 3D Viewer.
  •  Improved compatibility (file sharing issues) with several file formats and several applications on Android.
  •  Extensions and bug-fixes for selected object properties.
  •  Improved stability while reading OBJ and JT files.
  •  Fixed applying length units while reading JT file.
  •  Fixed reading files with GLB extension on iOS.
  •  Fixed issue when object color cannot be unset.

CAD Assistant is available on Google Play (Android), App Store (iOS), Windows and macOS.

You can find more information about all supported platforms on the CAD Assistant homepage.

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