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Simplify, repair and convert your 3D data

In the frames of technology digitalization complex engineering projects containing huge amounts of 3D and meta- data become an inherent part of modern industries. Open Cascade makes the best overall proposition of a bridge between complex and heavy engineering design and subsequent CAx systems and processes. Open Cascade CAD Processor is a powerful software solution allowing preparation and simplification of 3D reference data for dedicated downstream applications. It offers a vast set of accurate, robust and efficient algorithms for effective repair and simplification of CAD parts and assemblies, exporting the data for the downstream use in the most convenient form.

The solution offers a graphical user interface that is easy to navigate and learn where every detail is ingeniously functional. It supports native (as-designed) product hierarchy enabling quick access to and the ability to optimize the original product full scene tree with all metadata. Simplification and analysis of parts and assemblies for further simulation becomes a matter of a few clicks.

CAD Processor offers a rich palette of 3D transformation operators aimed to prepare existing Digital Mock-Ups (DMUs) for downstream engineering use. Typical scenarios include:

  • Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality scenes preparation;
  • Geometry simplification for 3D model visualization on low performance devices and software;
  • Simplifying 3D data for numerical simulation (FEA mesh generation, CFD);
  • Restoration and optimization of 3D data integrity for manufacturing;
  • Outfitting design – reference geometry simplification for design processes;
  • IP protection – hiding parts, deformation of details for proprietary information protection, preserving the outer geometry;
  • Quality control – comparison of manufactured part to its CAD model;
  • Modelling a lightweight digital mock-up of parts or assemblies from heavy heterogeneous CAD files;
  • Preparation of sheet metal components to fabrication (drawings generating, automated fabricating price estimation).

The solution encompasses a wide variety of operations available for carrying out above mentioned use cases:

CAD part level operations:

  • Defeaturing:

Detection and suppression of cylindrical and arbitrary holes, pockets, bosses, blends, isolated features (logos, engravings), suppression of holes in mesh, repatching and removing faces

  • Healing:

Detection and filling gaps, recognizing canonical geometry, stitching faces, merging small edges, maximizing faces, inverting parts and auto healing

  • Checking:

Inspection of mass-inertia properties, contents (number of faces, etc.), geometric tolerances, open edges, bounding box, mesh quality, self-intersection, mesh-vs-part deviation

Assembly level operations:

  • Detection and removal of invisible, small, non-solid parts, hunting down duplicates and breaking sharing, parts bounding, converting assembly items to subassemblies and extracting them, assembly flattening and traversing assembly hierarchy, obfuscation

Meshing operations:

  • Visualization facets regenerating, surface and volumetric mesh, geometry wrapping, convex hulls building, fibers simplifying, mesh decimating and smoothing

Sheet Metal Working related features:

  • Sheet metal feature recognition, precise unfolding, extracting properties (thickness, holes perimeters, number of cutouts, cutting lines lengths, etc.)

CAD Processor applies powerful technologies to bring 3D data simplification up a level. The software’s functionality is offered in two editions:

  • CAD Processor Desktop is a fully-featured desktop application;
  • CAD Processor Enterprise is a server software, which includes a command line interface with rich scripting capabilities for automated batch processing of CAD-files reducing project timescale.

Granting maximum flexibility, a configured or customized solution based on CAD Processor can be developed to meet specific customer’s needs.

Supported file formats:

  • Neutral CAD file formats: STEP, IGES, JT meshes, BREP
  • Mesh formats: STL, PLY, OBJ, FBX, VTK

Optional supported file formats:

  • SolidWorks, CATIA V4, CATIA V5, CATIA V6 / 3DEXPERIENCE, CGR, DWG / DXF, Inventor 3D, JT, PLMXML, Solid Edge, ProE / Creo Parametric, CreoView, Rhino, ACIS, Parasolid
  • BIM file format: IFC, Revit

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