Fiber-Reinforced Composites, Modeling, Material & Robot Optimization, Visualization

Cevotec offers smart production technology for complex carbon composites based on Fiber Patch Placement technology.


  •  Development of ARTIST STUDIO, a CAD-CAM software for automated production of complex carbon composites, including a laminate generation module and an offline robot programming module.


  •  Incorporation of Open CASCADE Technology, especially in the laminate generation module PATCH ARTIST
  •  Integration of the Open CASCADE CAM-library component to build geodesic curves on the surface of an imported CAD shape
  •  Various geometrical operations (surface connectivity, curve extension and curve cutting, curve intersections) to generate a patch-based laminate
  •  Development of a multi-threaded solution to speed up the patch overlap optimization (module PATCH ARTIST) and the robot movement optimization (module MOTION ARTIST)


  •  Reduction of development and investment costs thanks to the open source of Open CASCADE Technology
  •  Speeding up the initial phase of Cevotec’s development work thanks to Open CASCADE training
  •  Acceleration of virtual product and process development

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