CIRTES - OrthoStrato Concept

Digitized Points Clouds, Surface Reconstruction

CIRTES reduces design and manufacturing time for made-to-measure orthopedic corsets.


  •  Create a 3D modeling application that could be used directly by the orthopedics specialist to modify the corset form in the design phase; the application would also allow reducing manufacturing time and improving the corset quality.


  •  Development of OrthoStrato Concept ®, an innovative Windows application that uses surface reconstruction from digitized points to build a CAD model; this model can be corrected by the orthopedic specialist and provides surface data for downstream machining.


  •  Reduction of costs and product cycle time by 50% to 70% as compared to traditional design and manufacturing methods.
  •  Average corset delivery time in 48 hours instead of two to three months.
  •  Elimination of hand detailing on a heavy plaster model (up to 120 kg).
  •  A more reactive treatment for children and adolescents, who can grow up to 10 centimeters in one month.

(*) This application was developed using the Surfaces from Scattered Points (SSP) algorithm - an advanced software component available from OPEN CASCADE.

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