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Last update: 15 July 2016


 These forums are open to technical aspects of Open CASCADE Technology including:

* Technical discussions - Open CASCADE Technology problems and solutions on various computer systems. "How we're using Open CASCADE Technology in our project"; suggestions on test setups for specific systems.

* Project-management issues - organizational changes due to Open CASCADE Technology use, training tasks necessary to master Open CASCADE Technology. Concurrent engineering issues.

* Software tools - Hardware and Software requirements. Use of code design, analysis and test tools. Rating of experiences with Open CASCADE Technology and other tools in relation to Open CASCADE Technology. Pitfalls to watch out for. Pointers to relevant products and vendor documentation.

* Discussing your particular areas of competence. OPEN CASCADE Product evolution, Open CASCADE Technology-related events, participation in shows, seminars, vendor clubs.

Status: Moderated

Moderation policy:

Language shall be English. All posts shall be directly related to the subject of Open CASCADE Technology. Topics of a political, philosophical or religious nature SHALL NOT be posted.

No job postings except jobs in academic sector upon prior validation of OPEN CASCADE (please request validation via Contact Form).

No binary posts.

No commercial advertisement, including advertisement of software products or services by other companies, groups or individuals.

If you want to promote your software products with Open Cascade support, please contact us via Contact Form.

Single, short announcements of open source Open CASCADE Technology-based software products are acceptable. Such announcements can refer to external Web pages for details.

Moderator's annotations:

* The moderator does not edit posts. They are either accepted as-is or deleted with or without explanation. To get a reply your email address must be valid. The moderator will not try to remove any "NOSPAM" strings before replying.

* If you think your post was deleted in error, you can send your complaint via Contact Form for consideration by OPEN CASCADE, but avoid posting a follow up to the forum.

* If you feel that someone else's post should not have been approved, you can send your complaint via Contact Form for consideration by OPEN CASCADE, but avoid posting a follow up to the forum.

* To avoid flames over netiquette issues, the moderator may ask you to correct your post.

* We explicitly accept ON TOPIC press releases.

* Attempts to re-post anything that was accepted less than 45 days ago will be treated as a duplicate.

* Please contact us in case of spam posts. We shall make sure to avoid such problems. We hope to keep the moderation light, and allow most non-spam posts.



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