GIT - ShoeMagic Software

GIT (General Integration Technology)
Modeling, Visualization

Combining production experience and CAD technology provides fast and accurate approach in shoe industry.


  •  Create an application for shoe design process incorporating 2D/3D modeling with parametric design capabilities.


  •  Development of ShoeMagic software, an innovative CAD/CAM system for shoe industry. A 2D/3D cooperation environment is based on Open CASCADE Technology, by combining experience of the industry specialists and technology of CAD. It provides a fast, easy, accurate approach in shoe industry.


  •  Reduction of costs thanks to Open CASCADE Technology Public License and open source.
  •  Substantially higher productivity due to OPEN CASCADE prompt helpdesk support.
  •  ShoeMagic Upper is ideal software for 3d/2d shoe design. Its early versions were created as long ago as when Open CASCADE Technology was delivered as a proprietary CAS.CADE kernel.

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