HOMAG - woodWOP 6

CNC Machines, Woodworking Industry, Parametric Sketcher, Data Exchange, Visualization

OPEN CASCADE develops a new version of woodWOP, an application initially developed at Homag for the programmation of CNC machines in the woodworking industry.



  •  Development of a new version of woodWOP, an application developed at Homag for the programming of CNC machines in the woodworking industry.

Application features:

  •  Parametric sketcher including objects such as points, segments, circles, ellipses and b-spline curves. Fillet and chamfer extend this list of sketcher objects.
  •  Capability to change the Z coordinate of 2D objects (extrusion of contours in 2.5D space).
  •  Machining macro operations (drilling, grooving, routing, etc.).
  •  Checking and control methods.
  •  Import* and Export operations.


  •  Development of woodWOP 6, an application combining:
    •  A Sketcher based on Open CASCADE Technology
    •  Homag-CAM Technology.
    •  Open CASCADE Application Framework for the parametric sketcher and CAM data model.
    •  Open CASCADE 3D viewer for visualization of the geometry and machining traces.


  •  woodWOP 6 was introduced to the market in May 2009.
    •  woodWOP 6 provides CAD basic functions for the design of machining processes
    •  woodWOP 6 increases programming security through a 3D view of workpieces, processing and clamping equipment.
    •  OPEN CASCADE provides the Technology to go further in CAD/CAM functionalities.
    •  woodWOP 6 marks the beginning of a new era in design tools applied to wood processing…

(*) Import operations were enhanced with DXF Import / Export - an advanced software component available from OPEN CASCADE.

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