Modeling, Visualization, Data Exchange

MIDAS IT reduces efforts to create complex structural analysis models for FEM finite element mesh modeling.



  •  Create an application providing 3D feature-based modeling for automated mesh generation that could be used directly by the civil and architectural industry reducing design-to-manufacturing time.


  •  Development of MIDAS/FX+, an innovative Windows application that uses Open CASCADE Technology modeling kernel to build a complete pre-processor, including a CAD feature-based modeler
  •  Using OPEN CASCADE Support via A-la carte programs for several years
  •  Access to the source of advanced samples that help integrate Open CASCADE Technology modules into MIDAS IT industrial applications
  •  Adopting OPEN CASCADE value added components* like the Parasolid-XT interface


  •  Reduction of costs thanks to open source and Open CASCADE Technology Public License
  •  Shorter time to market thanks to concentrating on client's specific know-how solutions and leaving kernel-related issues to be covered by OPEN CASCADE support
  •  Substantially higher productivity thanks to reusing know-how embedded within OPEN CASCADE advanced samples
  •  Extended operability with other CAD systems thanks to integration of the Open CASCADE Technology interface with Parasolid and reusing powerful Shape Healing capabilities
  •  Up-to-date technology and minimized migration costs obtained through access to regular maintenance releases of Open CASCADE Technology

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