More than 100 000 active installations of CAD Assistant Android app is celebrated with its new version

21 February, 2018

OPEN CASCADE CAD Assistant is an offline viewer and converter for 3D CAD files and meshes available on Windows, Linux, Android and IOS.

We are happy to see that the number of our ANDROID users passed a 100 000 cap in the late 2017, more than doubling in less than one year.

The feedback we received from both industry and private users was very useful and complimentary. The average review score of 4.5 out of 5.0 on Google Play shows a high level of appreciation by the user community.

We thank all of you for your feedback and trust!

Taking into account your suggestions we are happy to announce a new version 1.0 of CAD Assistant.

Please enjoy these new features and fixes.

  •  Improved support of measurement units.
  •  Rubber-band selection tool.
  •  Option to export into Binary glTF 1.0 format.
  •  Option to exclude normals when exporting to PLY.
  •  Fixed reading some glTF 2.0 models - byteOffset is now optional.
  •  OBJ file import compatibility improvements.
  •  OBJ file export bug-fixes (random failures saving MTL file).
  •  Fixed handling of transformations and colors assigned to root elements and part instances in the document.
  •  Fixed stylus input on Samsung tablets.
  •  Improved performance of reading large text files (STL, PLY, OBJ, BREP, etc.).
  •  Native support of 64-bit ARM devices on Android platform (improved performance).

CAD Assistant for Android is available on Google Play, and there are also versions for Windows and iOS.

You can find more information about all supported platforms on the CAD Assistant homepage.

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