New features and improvements in CAD Processor

We are pleased to announce several updates and enhancements to our DMU simplification product, CAD Processor. The new version brings better robustness together with demanded new features.

  • Optimization of fiber-like geometry is now more reliable than ever. This feature allows reducing the number of visualization polygons for downstream use in AR/VR scenes while preserving the original shape of electrical wires, pipes, and hoses.

  • Simple yet powerful convex hull algorithm is now available for generating levels-of-details (LODs).

  • New functionality to detect open edges in CAD parts is in our toolbox now. The complementary gap filling feature is coming soon.
  • Suppression of isolated features got better control via the user-driven volume criterion.
  • We have improved our brand new shrink-wrapping technique and published an introductory article for those of you who are curious about the underlying technology. Check it out now: Surface Wrapping for Simulation.

Download the 30-days trial version at CAD Processor homepage.

CAD Processor is available as a Desktop application, CLI (batch processing) for Enterprise and SDK (software development kit) for software vendors.

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