Open Cascade introduces CAD Builder - a sample of parametric CAD modeler

For more than 20 years being always at the forefront of 3D, Open Cascade has gained considerable expertise in geometric modeling - from the development of Open CASCADE Technology modeling kernel and participation as a key software developer together with CEA and EDF in the development of SALOME simulation platform to dozens of successfully delivered custom software development projects for various use cases.

Open Cascade is willing to broaden this experience and to take part in more projects on the development of specific software 3D modeling tools.

In order to demonstrate software developing capabilities Open Cascade decided to come up with a sample of parametric CAD modeler – CAD Builder. It is derived from SHAPER, which is a module of SALOME platform.

SHAPER itself is the parametric modeler of SALOME platform designed for Numerical Simulation. In addition to usual CAD part modeling features, CAD Builder, as well as SHAPER, supports the creation and modification of:

  • Multi-dimensional models, i.e. geometries made of solids (3D), surfaces (2D) and lines (1D) topologically connected
  • Non-manifold topologies, like a solid partitioned by internal surfaces
  • Reference to geometric subsets of a model, so called Groups, used for setting the boundary conditions of calculations.

So, 3D models created in CAD Builder can represent composite objects and be the base for generating conformal Finite Element Meshes.

What makes the solutions special is that they can be utilized as frameworks for specific development of 3D modeling solutions tailored to various use cases such as design of gearboxes, modeling of building structures, preliminary design of ships, etc. due to a common parameterized geometry engine.

As all CAD Builder features are packed into plugins it is possible to remove not required ones and develop new in C++ or Python languages. User scenarios can be also automated by means of Python Scripting capabilities supported in the solution. This is how client’s own standalone end-user application can be created.

Learn more about CAD Builder features and capabilities on its product page.

Have a look at a free sample of CAD Builder for evaluation. Download an installation Wizard for a standalone Windows application.

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Open Cascade can provide you with a wide range of services based on CAD Builder, from the development of additional features to a complete custom modeling tool running on any operational system (Windows, Linux or MacOS).

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