Open CASCADE Products 7.2.0 are available!

Open CASCADE Products 7.2.0 are available!


October 6, 2017

OPEN CASCADE is pleased to announce availability of updated value-added components compatible with Open CASCADE Technology 7.2.0

This version comes with a set of improvements and new features in all components; the most essential changes are listed below.

Advanced Data Exchange

  •  Corrected support of XT schema versions 26102, 26104, 26105, 28002, 28101
  •  Improved support of SAT format versions 2500-2700
  •  Support of Autodesk-specific colors (color-adesk-attrib) in SAT translator
  •  Improved handling of special cases in SAT writer for compatibility with AutoCAD 2017
  •  Support of newer format versions (up to AC1024) in DXF writer
  •  Support of colors and names assigned to ACIS bodies in DXF writer
  •  Writing of non-planar faces to DXF as REGION objects to preserve geometry
  •  Tools to translate JT data into an OCAF (XDE) document and back
  •  Added writing to JT 8.1 format

Canonical recognition

  •  Corrected treatment of infinite surfaces (plane, surface of extrusion)

Express Mesh

  •  Improved performance on faces with multiple holes
  •  Improved accounting of tolerances of edges
  •  Improved quality of quad mesh generator

Mesh Framework (OMF)

  •  Extension of Boolean operations to enable hierarchical splitting and grouping
  •  New methods to calculate the surface area and volumetric properties of a mesh


  •  New global optimization algorithm supporting arbitrary constraints

CAM Library

  •  Option to build geodesic offsets passing smoothly around holes
  •  Improved performance and robustness of geodesic algorithm

Unfolding Library

  •  Improved handling of big meshes and degenerated elements
  •  Support of mesh-only input data
  •  Support of mapping of points located slightly outside the boundary
  •  New sample GUI application

Advanced samples and Tools

  •  Support of Unicode strings in C# wrapper
  •  Basic support of modular wrappers
  •  Inclusion of classes from TObj and XDE components in default wrappers
  •  Extension of WPF sample of C# wrapper to show the use of XDE, display of import progress, interactive assembly tree, etc.
  •  Smooth integration with VTK viewer in Java wrappers
  •  Updated User Guide of the Shape Healer sample

OPEN CASCADE customers that are subscribed to the corresponding maintenance programs are welcome to download the updated version from the Customer Corner.

If you are interested in a particular value-added component, please, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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