Paris, France - on 10 and 11 of December 2019 Open Cascade participated in the 5th edition of the Paris Open Source Summit (POSS 2019) that was held at the Docks of Paris. The company presented Open CASCADE Technology (OCCT) - an open-source object-oriented set of C++ class libraries with more than 20 years of history - and a number of realized projects based on it, its toolset and capabilities.

On Capgemini stand C04 Open Cascade showcased OCCT capabilities through examples of successfully realised projects. CAD Assistant, a powerful viewer and converter of 3D models, is one of such examples, it is a free software based on OCCT. Great attention was also drawn to another example - SALOME platform that had been developed in collaboration with CEA and EDF with the use of OCCT. Salome is the open-source software that provides a common platform for numerical simulation pre- and post-processing. For Open Cascade company POSS 2019 became an opportunity to share its open, flexible and breakthrough technology with interested and field-oriented audience, gain new contributors and outline the ways for OCCT community development.

This year Dock Pullman exhibition pavilion opened its doors to 150 exhibitors and 400 conferences making the Open Source Summit one of the key events in Europe devoted to open-source. Becoming a part of POSS 2019 thanks to Capgemini Group support, Open Cascade achieved recognition from key open content and collaboration movers and got a chance to learn about the latest trends in the sphere of open-source technology, free software and open innovations.

Open Cascade is looking forward to seeing everyone at POSS 2020!

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