Open Cascade supported GDG DevFest Gorky 2019


During November 15 and 16, 2019 Open Cascade took part in Google event in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia - GDG DevFest Gorky 2019. It is an international IT conference that has brought together world-class experts in Android, Web and Cloud technologies as the best place for inspiration and experience sharing.

Open Cascade performed three types of activities during GDG DevFest Gorky 2019:

1. Workshop “Additive manufacturing in 90 minutes”.

Workshop was held on November 15, 2019 by Alexander Malyshev, the author of tutorials and certified trainer on Open CASCADE Technology (OCCT). In the frames of the event participants were invited to dive into the basics of three-dimensional modeling. The following questions were covered in the theoretical block:

  • • Boundary and mesh representation of a part. What presentation do we start with and why?
  • • Modeling paradigms: direct editing, feature-based modeling, and constructive solid geometry.
  • • Principles of 3D printing. Types of plastic. Printer kinematics.
  • • Slicers, preparing the model for printing.
  • • Solving typical printing problems.

During the practical part of the workshop a model for printing was created, prepared and sent to print. The final product was printed on a 3D printer in real time.

2. On November 16, 2019 Kirill Gavrilov, software architect, visualization at Open Cascade hold a public speech “Cross-platform application and UI scalability”.

This talk was about differences between platforms supporting screens with variable pixel density and screen dimensions, including Android, Windows and macOS/iOS. Tips and tricks for developing native cross-platform application with scalable user interface. Experience with native APIs and QtQuick/QML.⠀

3. During the whole day on November 16, 2019 a corporate stand in a form of 3D Technology Future Zone was working in the conference location. Open Cascade brought there VR, touch table and demonstrated the software product, called Asset Revamping in a form of interactive game “Find the rabbit”, which was hidden in the 3D model (point cloud) of an industrial plant. There was also a specially developed quiz on object-oriented programming in telegram.

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