Open Cascade will make it possible to put 10 million 3D objects in a web-basket

During this summer, Open Cascade takes the challenge to extend the potential of its Commercial Platform. The company is going to achieve the goal of visualizing up to 10 million objects in one instance of web-based client with sufficient level of representation. Many industrial models like nuclear power stations, oil tankers and offshore rigs or long-haul aircrafts correlate to this amount of objects. The applicable scopes of the technology can encompass information management of industrial facilities through the use of 3D digital twins, machinery equipment planning and plant reconfiguration, web-based solutions for collaborative project review, centralized storages and visualization of massive 3D data, different simulation scenarios in a virtual 3D asset, 3D inspection of facility during its construction or operation and much more.

Open Cascade develops visualization solutions for web applications that work in the most common desktop and mobile web browsers and do not require any specific browser add-ons or extensions.

Client-side rendering based on JavaScript and WebGL allows users to utilize the client’s graphics processing unit (GPU) and ensure the fastest application response to user actions.  Server-side remote rendering is a reasonable choice when visualization handles big data.

Unique technology applied through an intelligent Level of Details (LOD) approach opens the new horizons of possibilities for customer’s experience. Open Cascade Commercial Platform works with a digital twin at the server side enabling the delivery of the exact amount of 3D data required by a client in the specific point of view. Limited but still sufficient data covers all needs of the visualization and can instantly be augmented according to the client’s demand for providing the necessary level of details.

LOD technology allows client to use common devices even for the huge amount of engineering driven data. Smart LOD generation preserves the links to the original 3D CAD data and engineering attributes thus enabling precise measurements, exact constraints, dynamic tolerance and online clash detection for 3D objects, making design review activities more productive.

Alongside the Open Cascade remote rendering technology that brings the power of high-end graphics processing units to regular-duty workstations and mobile devices, this new Open Cascade 3D technology advancement democratizes access to massive 3D data and allows users for saving on hardware investments.

Significant progress has already been made by Open Cascade in this area. The goal is expected to be achieved in September 2020 and then we will be glad to share more detailed description of the project with the market!

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