PRINCIPIA - AvPro Application

Evolutionary & Evolutive Maintenance, Modeling, Visualization

Provide Operational maintenance of the AVPRO application.



  •  Provide Operational maintenance of the AVPRO application;
  •  Improve and ameliorate the AVPRO software.


  •  Corrective maintenance of the application through correction of its bugs without modification of functional specifications;
  •  Evolutionary maintenance. In the framework of this service some new features of the application have been implemented* such as:
    •  3D viewer visualization basing on Open CASCADE Technology,
    •  Internal ship structure modeling (decks, bulkheads, superstructures, stiffeners etc),
    •  Boolean operations on meshes implementation for volumes modeling,
    •  Multihull development, etc.


  •  Proficiency with AVPRO software since 2004
  •  Maintenance of the AVPRO software since 2004
  •  More than 50 evolutional improvements processed since 2004 in the framework of the application maintenance. The most important ones are:
    •  Integration of Open CASCADE Technology 3D viewer into the application,
    •  Parametric modeling of hull surface
    •  Implementation of internal ship structure modeling (decks, bulkheads, superstructures, equipment, stiffeners etc),
    •  Multihull ships modeling support,
    •  Structural and Stability computations.

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