RINA - Leonardo Hull 3D

Ship Design, Meshed Structural Models

RINA entrusts the development of its new software for Ship Classification to OPEN CASCADE.



  •  Providing the means for rapid development of meshed structural models of certain classes of ships.
  •  Performing a finite element analysis of ship structures and providing visual feedback of their strength and deformations, including the fatigue check of structural details.


  •  Development of the Leonardo Hull 3D - Three Hold (LH3D-3H) application.
  •  LH3D-3H refers to analysis using a "three hold" approach, based on calculations carried out on three ship holds.
  •  Calculations follow RINA Rules for the Classification of Ships and assess the ship's structural compliance to these Rules.


  •  Speed up the approval process of tankers, bulk carriers and other types of cargo ships.
  •  RINA’s customers, i.e. shipyards now possess an easy-to-use tool for modeling and validating their ships during the production process.
  •  Rapid numerical simulation that meets quality requirements and represents a highly efficient replacement of older software.
  •  Facilities for monitoring the structural performance over the entire life cycle of a vessel and for timely maintenance support.
  •  Tools for reporting and communication between the shipyard and RINA.
  •  Reduction of the risk of delays during the drawing approval and construction phases due to early identification of critical areas.

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