RINA SERVICES renews its partnership with OPEN CASCADE!

RINA SERVICES renews its partnership with OPEN CASCADE!

July 7, 2016



The Leonardo Hull 3D (LH3D) ship classification software application for RINA SERVICES has been developed by OPEN CASCADE. This application is directly linked to RINA & IACS Common Structural Rules for the structural analysis of ships by means of direct calculations.

It is a full 3D application making modelling and analysis easier for the user. The whole application has been designed having ship structure and calculations in mind, it includes specialized features for the modelling of structures such as bulkheads, stools, trunks.

A complete feed-back is provided throughout the modelling and evaluation process by means of visual checks on the scantlings, and overall checks on data consistency across the entire model.




The need of an industrial 3D expert was the first evidence to develop such a complex software.

RINA SERVICES chose OPEN CASCADE as a partner to develop LH3D because of its unique business model allowing a mix of off-the-shelf open source and commercial tools and specific developments. This exceptional approach allows OPEN CASCADE customers to get their own specific high-level 3D application, but sustainable and affordable. RINA SERVICES can choose their rhythm of evolution and maintenance depending on their budget and priorities in a full independence.



OPEN CASCADE has worked closely with RINA SERVICES in order to understand the specific constraints of ship classification. Both teams have worked in a multicultural environment with efficiency and friendship, combining their expertise to reach the goals on time and strictly respecting the budget.

After using LH3D in the real life during several years, RINA SERVICES has recently ordered to OPEN CASCADE new developments for LH3D and LH2D-DUE* (the 2D version of the application). These developments are mainly devoted to finalize the support of IACS Harmonized Common Structural Rules in both applications. The communication between both applications will also be improved facilitating their usage.



RINA SERVICES S.p.A. is the operational arm of RINA, developing and offering services of ships classification, certification, verification of conformity, inspection and testing.

We provide our experience and commitment for strategic support to public and private organizations, operating in the most diverse markets and which seek to reach the highest levels of quality, efficiency, safety and sustainability, thus contributing to the global enhancement of the quality of life.

In guaranteeing our certifications and evaluations, we have acquired a vast range of recognitions, issued by international, European and national Accreditation societies.



OPEN CASCADE, a Capgemini Group company, is the expert in industrial 3D software development.

The 3D is now everywhere in the product lifecycle of any industrial company. This is why OPEN CASCADE has developed a comprehensive offer covering this lifecycle: 3D Engineering, 3D Manufacturing & 3D Post Production.

OPEN CASCADE R&D team develops each day some 3D tools distributed in open source. Based on this expertise, the development team develops specific industrial 3D software for large and small companies worldwide (EDF, HOMAG, SAMSUNG Heavy Industry…).


*About LH2D-DUE

Leonardo Hull 2D Development Unified Environment (LH2D-DUE) has been fully developed by RINA, it includes two-dimensional structural analysis tool, which helps the designer from the very first stages of hull structure definition. An intuitive and complete graphics, allows assigning scantlings complying with the RINA Rules and IACS CSR - including fatigue checks - to the main structural elements (plates and stiffeners for the ship’s sections and transverse bulkheads) in a simple and safe way.

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