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FAE Method, Modeling, Visualiszation

Samtech links CAD to FEM with Open CASCADE.


  •  Samtech links CAD to FEM with Open CASCADE Technology..
  •  SAMCEF Field is a CAE environment for the modeling, analysis and simulation of linear and non-linear structures.


  •  The geometry is either performed in the SAMCEF Field modeler or directly imported from most CAD software existing in the market. The user stays in the same environment from the design to the analyses of the results for the linear analyses as well as for non-linear dynamic analyses of complex mechatronic systems, thanks to its numerous data setting tools based on FEA method.
  •  SAMCEF Field integrates simulation in the design process. It includes 2D and 3D design tools* making it easy to create simple or complex parts in a very intuitive way, but also to rework existing mechanical systems starting from imported geometries.
  •  SAMCEF Field provides all necessary tools for the design or the correction of imported geometries, but also tools dedicated to the creation of basic geometries (lineic, surfacic, volumic), a sketcher and tools for the assembling of existing geometries.
  •  The complete history of your analysis is directly accessible via the navigational system. Easy-to-use and user-friendly, numerous features allow you to re-use parts of components, assemblies, super element or complete geometries to introduce modifications, immediately passed on to your geometry.
  •  The SAMCEF Field integrated reports generation system allows you to make up very comprehensive analysis files in HTML format (modeling and analysis tasks summary, data and properties, photos, list of pre-selected values in Excel format…).
  •  The SAMCEF Field documentation is directly accessible from the graphical interface. The help function offers two research levels depending on the requested information detail: tutorial and user manual.


  •  Quickly produces linear and non-linear structural, mechanical and mechatronic models within a single environment providing several powerful solvers.
  •  Speeds up the work of all analysts thanks to the use of a single user interface for the geometry definition and the finite element data definition, of the same data for linear and non-linear analysis and of the same environment for pre and post processing
  •  Provides users with advanced linear and non-linear solving capabilities, in a fully associative environment with automatic updates of the design
  •  Enables users to perform product engineering optimization, and helps to further improve the quality of design prediction while reducing design cycles


(*) Standard shape healing operations were extended with gap-fixing algorithms provided by SSP (Surfaces from Scattered Points) – an advanced component additionally available from OPEN CASCADE.

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