Volume Rendering: 3D visualization of massive volumetric data sets


Open Cascade offers software solutions for 3D visualization of massive volumetric data sets based on proprietary Volume Rendering module of Open Cascade Commercial Platform.

It brings added value to computed tomography (CT) scanners manufacturers, is handy for visual quality control in industrial manufacturing or even for research needs in the fields of geology, life science, etc. It allows building unique CT solution or enhancing existing software for 3D volumetric data processing.

Volume Rendering allows 3D visualization of very large volumetric data sets generated by high-resolution CT equipment. Level-of-detail (LOD) approach implemented in the solution gives the opportunity to display almost unlimited industrial volumes of CT data.

Robust feature set of Volume Rendering allows visualizing of voxel and polygon data, including textured meshes, together. Planar sections with arbitrary orientation, combination of several sections on one or several views helps in making detailed analysis.

Multiple clipping modes including Boolean combinations of clipping planes let users explore a part to the extent they need. Volume rendering transfer function allows displaying and evaluating density distribution along the part.

Advanced illumination effects, such as deferred shading and light source management, give users the opportunity to assess a part shape better. These options make the surface texture of the part more recognizable.

Domain expertise in metrology, time-proven quality of services, vendor independency and flexible licensing approach let Open Cascade's offer stand out. Due to open architecture and full integration with Open CASCADE Technology the module may be enriched with any specific data processing, analysis and visualization algorithms (cavity and hollow detections, density analysis, objects separation and etc.)



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