Open CASCADE Technology  7.0.0
Data Structures
BRepBuilderAPI_ModifyShape.hxx File Reference
#include <Standard.hxx>
#include <Standard_DefineAlloc.hxx>
#include <Standard_Handle.hxx>
#include <BRepTools_Modifier.hxx>
#include <TopoDS_Shape.hxx>
#include <BRepBuilderAPI_MakeShape.hxx>
#include <TopTools_ListOfShape.hxx>

Data Structures

class  BRepBuilderAPI_ModifyShape
 Implements the methods of MakeShape for the constant topology modifications. The methods are implemented when the modification uses a Modifier from BRepTools. Some of them have to be redefined if the modification is implemented with another tool (see Transform from BRepBuilderAPI for example). The BRepBuilderAPI package provides the following frameworks to perform modifications of this sort: More...