Open CASCADE Technology  7.1.0.beta
Data Structures
math_Uzawa.hxx File Reference
#include <Standard.hxx>
#include <Standard_DefineAlloc.hxx>
#include <Standard_Handle.hxx>
#include <math_Vector.hxx>
#include <math_Matrix.hxx>
#include <Standard_Integer.hxx>
#include <Standard_Boolean.hxx>
#include <Standard_Real.hxx>
#include <Standard_OStream.hxx>
#include <math_Uzawa.lxx>

Data Structures

class  math_Uzawa
 This class implements a system resolution C*X = B with an approach solution X0. There are no conditions on the number of equations. The algorithm used is the Uzawa algorithm. It is possible to have equal or inequal (<) equations to solve. The resolution is done with a minimization of Norm(X-X0). If there are only equal equations, the resolution is directly done and is similar to Gauss resolution with an optimisation because the matrix is a symmetric matrix. (The resolution is done with Crout algorithm) More...