Open CASCADE Technology  7.5.0
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Standard_Std.hxx File Reference
#include <type_traits>

Data Structures

struct  opencascade::is_base_but_not_same< T1, T2, Dummy >
 Trait yielding true if class T1 is base of T2 but not the same. More...
struct  opencascade::is_base_but_not_same< T1, T2, typename opencascade::std::enable_if< opencascade::std::is_same< T1, T2 >::value >::type >
 Explicit specialization of is_base_of trait to workaround the requirement of type to be complete when T1 and T2 are the same. More...
struct  opencascade::is_integer< TheInteger >
 The type trait that checks if the passed type is integer (it must be integral and not boolean) More...
struct  opencascade::disable_deduction< TheType >
 The auxiliary template that is used for template argument deduction in function templates. A function argument which type is a template type parameter and it is not needed to be deducted must be declared using this class template based on the type of some other template type parameter of a function template. More...


 Namespace opencascade is intended for low-level template classes and functions.
 Namespace opencascade::std includes templates from C++11 std namespace used by OCCT classes. These definitions are imported from std namespace, plus (on older compilers) from std::tr1, or implemented by custom code where neither std not std::tr1 provide necessary definitions.