Numeriek Centrum Groningen
Engineering, Ship Design

NCG uses Open CASCADE Technology to develop its NUPAS-CADMATIC 3D ship design software.


Nupas-CADMATIC is now CADMATIC Marine Design Software. In September 2015 CADMATIC acquired all the shares and business operations of Numeriek Centrum Groningen (NCG), after which the companies' operations were combined. At the same time all branding was united under the CADMATIC brand and product name.

NUPAS-CADMATIC's multi-disciplinary 3D design and engineering applications are highly integrated, ensuring consistent and error-free models for all ship design and production phases.

NCG has been using Open CASCADE Technology since 2006 for its Nupas-Cadmatic software. Initially it was used for importing ship hull shapes from external sources like IGES files. Standard OCCT import capabilities were extended with the OPEN CASCADE ACIS SAT Import/Export component.

Later an application was built on top of Open CASCADE Technology to manage the imported shapes.

Open CASCADE Technology is also used for:

  • visualization and calculations like plane-surface intersections on imported shapes;

and for creation of:

  • section drawings *
  • complex solids
  • holes, cutouts and end-cuts to the solids

OPEN CASCADE has also been successfully providing various services to NCG since 2006 including E-learning and A-la Carte support.


(*) Using Open CASCADE Technology surface-surface intersection algorithms.

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