Open CASCADE Technology  7.0.0
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BOPAlgo_BuilderArea Class Referenceabstract

The root class for algorithms to build faces/solids from set of edges/faces. More...

#include <BOPAlgo_BuilderArea.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

void SetContext (const Handle< IntTools_Context > &theContext)
const BOPCol_ListOfShapeShapes () const
void SetShapes (const BOPCol_ListOfShape &theLS)
const BOPCol_ListOfShapeLoops () const
const BOPCol_ListOfShapeAreas () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from BOPAlgo_Algo
virtual void Perform ()=0
Standard_Integer ErrorStatus () const
Standard_Integer WarningStatus () const
const BOPCol_BaseAllocatorAllocator () const
void SetRunParallel (const Standard_Boolean theFlag)
 Set the flag of parallel processing if <theFlag> is true the parallel processing is switched on if <theFlag> is false the parallel processing is switched off. More...
Standard_Boolean RunParallel () const
 Returns the flag of parallel processing. More...
void SetProgressIndicator (const Handle< Message_ProgressIndicator > &theObj)
 Set the Progress Indicator object. More...

Protected Member Functions

 BOPAlgo_BuilderArea ()
virtual ~BOPAlgo_BuilderArea ()
 BOPAlgo_BuilderArea (const BOPCol_BaseAllocator &theAllocator)
virtual void PerformShapesToAvoid ()=0
virtual void PerformLoops ()=0
virtual void PerformAreas ()=0
virtual void PerformInternalShapes ()=0
- Protected Member Functions inherited from BOPAlgo_Algo
 BOPAlgo_Algo ()
virtual ~BOPAlgo_Algo ()
 BOPAlgo_Algo (const BOPCol_BaseAllocator &theAllocator)
virtual void CheckData ()
virtual void CheckResult ()
void UserBreak () const
 Breaks the execution if the break signal is indicated by myProgressIndicator. More...

Protected Attributes

Handle< IntTools_ContextmyContext
BOPCol_ListOfShape myShapes
BOPCol_ListOfShape myLoops
BOPCol_ListOfShape myLoopsInternal
BOPCol_ListOfShape myAreas
BOPCol_IndexedMapOfOrientedShape myShapesToAvoid
- Protected Attributes inherited from BOPAlgo_Algo
BOPCol_BaseAllocator myAllocator
Standard_Integer myErrorStatus
Standard_Integer myWarningStatus
Standard_Boolean myRunParallel
Handle< Message_ProgressIndicatormyProgressIndicator

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from BOPAlgo_Algo
static Standard_Boolean GetParallelMode ()
static void SetParallelMode (const Standard_Boolean theNewMode)

Detailed Description

The root class for algorithms to build faces/solids from set of edges/faces.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BOPAlgo_BuilderArea::BOPAlgo_BuilderArea ( )
virtual BOPAlgo_BuilderArea::~BOPAlgo_BuilderArea ( )
BOPAlgo_BuilderArea::BOPAlgo_BuilderArea ( const BOPCol_BaseAllocator theAllocator)

Member Function Documentation

const BOPCol_ListOfShape& BOPAlgo_BuilderArea::Areas ( ) const
const BOPCol_ListOfShape& BOPAlgo_BuilderArea::Loops ( ) const
virtual void BOPAlgo_BuilderArea::PerformAreas ( )
protectedpure virtual
virtual void BOPAlgo_BuilderArea::PerformInternalShapes ( )
protectedpure virtual
virtual void BOPAlgo_BuilderArea::PerformLoops ( )
protectedpure virtual
virtual void BOPAlgo_BuilderArea::PerformShapesToAvoid ( )
protectedpure virtual
void BOPAlgo_BuilderArea::SetContext ( const Handle< IntTools_Context > &  theContext)
void BOPAlgo_BuilderArea::SetShapes ( const BOPCol_ListOfShape theLS)
const BOPCol_ListOfShape& BOPAlgo_BuilderArea::Shapes ( ) const

Field Documentation

BOPCol_ListOfShape BOPAlgo_BuilderArea::myAreas
Handle< IntTools_Context > BOPAlgo_BuilderArea::myContext
BOPCol_ListOfShape BOPAlgo_BuilderArea::myLoops
BOPCol_ListOfShape BOPAlgo_BuilderArea::myLoopsInternal
BOPCol_ListOfShape BOPAlgo_BuilderArea::myShapes
BOPCol_IndexedMapOfOrientedShape BOPAlgo_BuilderArea::myShapesToAvoid

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