Open CASCADE Technology  7.0.0
Public Member Functions
IntPolyh_Point Class Reference

#include <IntPolyh_Point.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 IntPolyh_Point ()
 IntPolyh_Point (const Standard_Real xx, const Standard_Real yy, const Standard_Real zz, const Standard_Real uu, const Standard_Real vv)
Standard_Real X () const
Standard_Real Y () const
Standard_Real Z () const
Standard_Real U () const
Standard_Real V () const
Standard_Integer PartOfCommon () const
void Equal (const IntPolyh_Point &Pt)
void operator= (const IntPolyh_Point &Pt)
void Set (const Standard_Real v1, const Standard_Real v2, const Standard_Real v3, const Standard_Real v4, const Standard_Real v5, const Standard_Integer II=1)
void SetX (const Standard_Real v)
void SetY (const Standard_Real v)
void SetZ (const Standard_Real v)
void SetU (const Standard_Real v)
void SetV (const Standard_Real v)
void SetPartOfCommon (const Standard_Integer ii)
void Middle (const Handle< Adaptor3d_HSurface > &MySurface, const IntPolyh_Point &P1, const IntPolyh_Point &P2)
IntPolyh_Point Add (const IntPolyh_Point &P1) const
IntPolyh_Point operator+ (const IntPolyh_Point &P1) const
IntPolyh_Point Sub (const IntPolyh_Point &P1) const
IntPolyh_Point operator- (const IntPolyh_Point &P1) const
IntPolyh_Point Divide (const Standard_Real rr) const
IntPolyh_Point operator/ (const Standard_Real rr) const
IntPolyh_Point Multiplication (const Standard_Real rr) const
IntPolyh_Point operator* (const Standard_Real rr) const
Standard_Real SquareModulus () const
Standard_Real SquareDistance (const IntPolyh_Point &P2) const
Standard_Real Dot (const IntPolyh_Point &P2) const
void Cross (const IntPolyh_Point &P1, const IntPolyh_Point &P2)
void Dump () const
void Dump (const Standard_Integer i) const
void SetDegenerated (const Standard_Boolean theFlag)
Standard_Boolean Degenerated () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

IntPolyh_Point::IntPolyh_Point ( )
IntPolyh_Point::IntPolyh_Point ( const Standard_Real  xx,
const Standard_Real  yy,
const Standard_Real  zz,
const Standard_Real  uu,
const Standard_Real  vv 

Member Function Documentation

IntPolyh_Point IntPolyh_Point::Add ( const IntPolyh_Point P1) const
void IntPolyh_Point::Cross ( const IntPolyh_Point P1,
const IntPolyh_Point P2 
Standard_Boolean IntPolyh_Point::Degenerated ( ) const
IntPolyh_Point IntPolyh_Point::Divide ( const Standard_Real  rr) const
Standard_Real IntPolyh_Point::Dot ( const IntPolyh_Point P2) const
void IntPolyh_Point::Dump ( ) const
void IntPolyh_Point::Dump ( const Standard_Integer  i) const
void IntPolyh_Point::Equal ( const IntPolyh_Point Pt)
void IntPolyh_Point::Middle ( const Handle< Adaptor3d_HSurface > &  MySurface,
const IntPolyh_Point P1,
const IntPolyh_Point P2 
IntPolyh_Point IntPolyh_Point::Multiplication ( const Standard_Real  rr) const
IntPolyh_Point IntPolyh_Point::operator* ( const Standard_Real  rr) const
IntPolyh_Point IntPolyh_Point::operator+ ( const IntPolyh_Point P1) const
IntPolyh_Point IntPolyh_Point::operator- ( const IntPolyh_Point P1) const
IntPolyh_Point IntPolyh_Point::operator/ ( const Standard_Real  rr) const
void IntPolyh_Point::operator= ( const IntPolyh_Point Pt)
Standard_Integer IntPolyh_Point::PartOfCommon ( ) const
void IntPolyh_Point::Set ( const Standard_Real  v1,
const Standard_Real  v2,
const Standard_Real  v3,
const Standard_Real  v4,
const Standard_Real  v5,
const Standard_Integer  II = 1 
void IntPolyh_Point::SetDegenerated ( const Standard_Boolean  theFlag)
void IntPolyh_Point::SetPartOfCommon ( const Standard_Integer  ii)
void IntPolyh_Point::SetU ( const Standard_Real  v)
void IntPolyh_Point::SetV ( const Standard_Real  v)
void IntPolyh_Point::SetX ( const Standard_Real  v)
void IntPolyh_Point::SetY ( const Standard_Real  v)
void IntPolyh_Point::SetZ ( const Standard_Real  v)
Standard_Real IntPolyh_Point::SquareDistance ( const IntPolyh_Point P2) const
Standard_Real IntPolyh_Point::SquareModulus ( ) const
IntPolyh_Point IntPolyh_Point::Sub ( const IntPolyh_Point P1) const
Standard_Real IntPolyh_Point::U ( ) const
Standard_Real IntPolyh_Point::V ( ) const
Standard_Real IntPolyh_Point::X ( ) const
Standard_Real IntPolyh_Point::Y ( ) const
Standard_Real IntPolyh_Point::Z ( ) const

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