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Public Member Functions
Poly_CoherentTriangulation::IteratorOfLink Class Reference

#include <Poly_CoherentTriangulation.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 IteratorOfLink (const Handle< Poly_CoherentTriangulation > &theTri)
 Constructor. More...
virtual void Next ()
 Make step. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from NCollection_Vector< TheItemType >::Iterator
 Iterator ()
 Empty constructor - for later Init. More...
 Iterator (const NCollection_Vector &theVector, Standard_Boolean theToEnd=Standard_False)
 Constructor with initialisation. More...
 Iterator (const Iterator &theOther)
 Copy constructor. More...
void Init (const NCollection_Vector &theVector)
 Initialisation. More...
Iteratoroperator= (const Iterator &theOther)
 Assignment. More...
Standard_Boolean More () const
 Check end. More...
void Next ()
 Increment operator. More...
void Previous ()
 Decrement operator. More...
void Offset (ptrdiff_t theOffset)
 Offset operator. More...
ptrdiff_t Differ (const Iterator &theOther) const
 Difference operator. More...
const TheItemType & Value () const
 Constant value access. More...
TheItemType & ChangeValue () const
 Variable value access. More...
Standard_Boolean IsEqual (const Iterator &theOther) const
 Performs comparison of two iterators. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from NCollection_BaseVector::Iterator
 Iterator ()
 Iterator (const NCollection_BaseVector &theVector, Standard_Boolean theToEnd=Standard_False)
 Iterator (const Iterator &theVector)
void initV (const NCollection_BaseVector &theVector, Standard_Boolean theToEnd=Standard_False)
void copyV (const Iterator &)
Standard_Boolean moreV () const
void nextV ()
void prevV ()
void offsetV (Standard_Integer theOffset)
Standard_Integer differV (const Iterator &theOther) const
const MemBlockcurBlockV () const
- Protected Attributes inherited from NCollection_BaseVector::Iterator
const NCollection_BaseVectormyVector
 the Master vector More...
Standard_Integer myICurBlock

of the current block

Standard_Integer myIEndBlock
Standard_Integer myCurIndex
 Index in the current block. More...
Standard_Integer myEndIndex

Detailed Description

Subclass Iterator - allows to iterate all links skipping invalid ones.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Poly_CoherentTriangulation::IteratorOfLink::IteratorOfLink ( const Handle< Poly_CoherentTriangulation > &  theTri)


Member Function Documentation

virtual void Poly_CoherentTriangulation::IteratorOfLink::Next ( )

Make step.

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