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ShapePersistent_Geom_Surface Class Reference

#include <ShapePersistent_Geom_Surface.hxx>

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Public Types

typedef subBase_gp< Surface, gp_Ax3Elementary
typedef instance< Elementary, Geom_Plane, gp_Ax3Plane
typedef instance< Elementary, Geom_ConicalSurface, gp_ConeConical
typedef instance< Elementary, Geom_CylindricalSurface, gp_CylinderCylindrical
typedef instance< Elementary, Geom_SphericalSurface, gp_SphereSpherical
typedef instance< Elementary, Geom_ToroidalSurface, gp_TorusToroidal
typedef subBase< Surface, pSweptData > Swept
typedef Delayed< Swept, pLinearExtrusion > LinearExtrusion
typedef Delayed< Swept, pRevolution > Revolution
typedef subBase_empty< SurfaceBounded
typedef Delayed< Bounded, pBezier > Bezier
typedef Delayed< Bounded, pBSpline > BSpline
typedef Delayed< Bounded, pRectangularTrimmed > RectangularTrimmed
typedef Delayed< Surface, pOffset > Offset

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