Open CASCADE Technology  7.0.0
Public Member Functions
TNaming_Name Class Reference

store the arguments of Naming. More...

#include <TNaming_Name.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 TNaming_Name ()
void Type (const TNaming_NameType aType)
void ShapeType (const TopAbs_ShapeEnum aType)
void Shape (const TopoDS_Shape &theShape)
void Append (const Handle< TNaming_NamedShape > &arg)
void StopNamedShape (const Handle< TNaming_NamedShape > &arg)
void Index (const Standard_Integer I)
void ContextLabel (const TDF_Label &theLab)
void Orientation (const TopAbs_Orientation theOrientation)
TNaming_NameType Type () const
TopAbs_ShapeEnum ShapeType () const
TopoDS_Shape Shape () const
const TNaming_ListOfNamedShapeArguments () const
Handle< TNaming_NamedShapeStopNamedShape () const
Standard_Integer Index () const
const TDF_LabelContextLabel () const
TopAbs_Orientation Orientation () const
Standard_Boolean Solve (const TDF_Label &aLab, const TDF_LabelMap &Valid) const
void Paste (TNaming_Name &into, const Handle< TDF_RelocationTable > &RT) const

Detailed Description

store the arguments of Naming.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TNaming_Name::TNaming_Name ( )

Member Function Documentation

void TNaming_Name::Append ( const Handle< TNaming_NamedShape > &  arg)
const TNaming_ListOfNamedShape& TNaming_Name::Arguments ( ) const
void TNaming_Name::ContextLabel ( const TDF_Label theLab)
const TDF_Label& TNaming_Name::ContextLabel ( ) const
void TNaming_Name::Index ( const Standard_Integer  I)
Standard_Integer TNaming_Name::Index ( ) const
void TNaming_Name::Orientation ( const TopAbs_Orientation  theOrientation)
TopAbs_Orientation TNaming_Name::Orientation ( ) const
void TNaming_Name::Paste ( TNaming_Name into,
const Handle< TDF_RelocationTable > &  RT 
) const
void TNaming_Name::Shape ( const TopoDS_Shape theShape)
TopoDS_Shape TNaming_Name::Shape ( ) const
void TNaming_Name::ShapeType ( const TopAbs_ShapeEnum  aType)
TopAbs_ShapeEnum TNaming_Name::ShapeType ( ) const
Standard_Boolean TNaming_Name::Solve ( const TDF_Label aLab,
const TDF_LabelMap Valid 
) const
void TNaming_Name::StopNamedShape ( const Handle< TNaming_NamedShape > &  arg)
Handle< TNaming_NamedShape > TNaming_Name::StopNamedShape ( ) const
void TNaming_Name::Type ( const TNaming_NameType  aType)
TNaming_NameType TNaming_Name::Type ( ) const

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