Open CASCADE Technology  7.0.0
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TestTopOpeDraw_SurfaceDisplayer Class Reference

#include <TestTopOpeDraw_Displayer.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 TestTopOpeDraw_SurfaceDisplayer ()
 TestTopOpeDraw_SurfaceDisplayer (const Handle< Geom_Surface > &S)
void InitSurfaceDisplayer ()
void DisplaySurface (const Handle< Geom_Surface > &S)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TestTopOpeDraw_Displayer
 TestTopOpeDraw_Displayer ()
 TestTopOpeDraw_Displayer (const TCollection_AsciiString &, const TopoDS_Shape &)
 TestTopOpeDraw_Displayer (const TCollection_AsciiString &, const TCollection_AsciiString &, const TopoDS_Shape &)
void DisplayShape (const TCollection_AsciiString &, const TopoDS_Shape &)
void DisplayShape (const TCollection_AsciiString &, const TCollection_AsciiString &, const TopoDS_Shape &)
void InitDisplayer ()
void SetShape (const TCollection_AsciiString &, const TopoDS_Shape &)
TCollection_AsciiStringNameDBRep ()
TCollection_AsciiStringNameDisplay ()
void DisplayGeometry (const Standard_Boolean b)
Standard_Boolean DisplayGeometry (void)
void DisplayNameWithGeometry (const Standard_Boolean b)
void DisplayNameWithOrientation (const Standard_Boolean b)
void NbIsos (const Standard_Integer n)
void NbIsosDef (const Standard_Boolean b)
void Discret (const Standard_Integer n)
void DiscretDef (const Standard_Boolean b)
void SetTol (const Standard_Real Tol)
void GetTol (Standard_Real &Tol)
Standard_Boolean TolIs (void)
void TolIs (Standard_Boolean TolIs)
void SetPar (const Standard_Real Par)
void GetPar (Standard_Real &Par)
Standard_Boolean ParIs (void)
void SetColor (const Draw_Color Col)
void SetNameColor (const Draw_Color Col)
void AllColors (const Draw_Color Col)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from TestTopOpeDraw_Displayer
TCollection_AsciiString myNameDBRep
TCollection_AsciiString myNameDisplay
Standard_Boolean myDisplayGeometry
Standard_Boolean myDisplayNameWithGeometry
Standard_Boolean myDisplayNameWithOrientation
Draw_Color myNameColor
Standard_Boolean myNameColorIs
Draw_Color myCol
Standard_Boolean myColIs

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TestTopOpeDraw_SurfaceDisplayer::TestTopOpeDraw_SurfaceDisplayer ( )
TestTopOpeDraw_SurfaceDisplayer::TestTopOpeDraw_SurfaceDisplayer ( const Handle< Geom_Surface > &  S)

Member Function Documentation

void TestTopOpeDraw_SurfaceDisplayer::DisplaySurface ( const Handle< Geom_Surface > &  S)
void TestTopOpeDraw_SurfaceDisplayer::InitSurfaceDisplayer ( )

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