Open CASCADE Technology  7.0.0
Public Member Functions
TopOpeBRep_Point2d Class Reference

#include <TopOpeBRep_Point2d.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 TopOpeBRep_Point2d ()
void Dump (const Standard_Integer ie1=0, const Standard_Integer ie2=0) const
void SetPint (const IntRes2d_IntersectionPoint &P)
Standard_Boolean HasPint () const
const IntRes2d_IntersectionPointPint () const
void SetIsVertex (const Standard_Integer I, const Standard_Boolean B)
Standard_Boolean IsVertex (const Standard_Integer I) const
void SetVertex (const Standard_Integer I, const TopoDS_Vertex &V)
const TopoDS_VertexVertex (const Standard_Integer I) const
void SetTransition (const Standard_Integer I, const TopOpeBRepDS_Transition &T)
const TopOpeBRepDS_TransitionTransition (const Standard_Integer I) const
TopOpeBRepDS_TransitionChangeTransition (const Standard_Integer I)
void SetParameter (const Standard_Integer I, const Standard_Real P)
Standard_Real Parameter (const Standard_Integer I) const
void SetIsPointOfSegment (const Standard_Boolean B)
Standard_Boolean IsPointOfSegment () const
void SetSegmentAncestors (const Standard_Integer IP1, const Standard_Integer IP2)
Standard_Boolean SegmentAncestors (Standard_Integer &IP1, Standard_Integer &IP2) const
void SetStatus (const TopOpeBRep_P2Dstatus S)
TopOpeBRep_P2Dstatus Status () const
void SetIndex (const Standard_Integer X)
Standard_Integer Index () const
void SetValue (const gp_Pnt &P)
const gp_PntValue () const
void SetValue2d (const gp_Pnt2d &P)
const gp_Pnt2dValue2d () const
void SetKeep (const Standard_Boolean B)
Standard_Boolean Keep () const
void SetEdgesConfig (const TopOpeBRepDS_Config C)
TopOpeBRepDS_Config EdgesConfig () const
void SetTolerance (const Standard_Real T)
Standard_Real Tolerance () const
void SetHctxff2d (const Handle< TopOpeBRep_Hctxff2d > &ff2d)
Handle< TopOpeBRep_Hctxff2dHctxff2d () const
void SetHctxee2d (const Handle< TopOpeBRep_Hctxee2d > &ee2d)
Handle< TopOpeBRep_Hctxee2dHctxee2d () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TopOpeBRep_Point2d::TopOpeBRep_Point2d ( )

Member Function Documentation

TopOpeBRepDS_Transition& TopOpeBRep_Point2d::ChangeTransition ( const Standard_Integer  I)
void TopOpeBRep_Point2d::Dump ( const Standard_Integer  ie1 = 0,
const Standard_Integer  ie2 = 0 
) const
TopOpeBRepDS_Config TopOpeBRep_Point2d::EdgesConfig ( ) const
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRep_Point2d::HasPint ( ) const
Handle< TopOpeBRep_Hctxee2d > TopOpeBRep_Point2d::Hctxee2d ( ) const
Handle< TopOpeBRep_Hctxff2d > TopOpeBRep_Point2d::Hctxff2d ( ) const
Standard_Integer TopOpeBRep_Point2d::Index ( ) const
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRep_Point2d::IsPointOfSegment ( ) const
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRep_Point2d::IsVertex ( const Standard_Integer  I) const
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRep_Point2d::Keep ( ) const
Standard_Real TopOpeBRep_Point2d::Parameter ( const Standard_Integer  I) const
const IntRes2d_IntersectionPoint& TopOpeBRep_Point2d::Pint ( ) const
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRep_Point2d::SegmentAncestors ( Standard_Integer IP1,
Standard_Integer IP2 
) const
void TopOpeBRep_Point2d::SetEdgesConfig ( const TopOpeBRepDS_Config  C)
void TopOpeBRep_Point2d::SetHctxee2d ( const Handle< TopOpeBRep_Hctxee2d > &  ee2d)
void TopOpeBRep_Point2d::SetHctxff2d ( const Handle< TopOpeBRep_Hctxff2d > &  ff2d)
void TopOpeBRep_Point2d::SetIndex ( const Standard_Integer  X)
void TopOpeBRep_Point2d::SetIsPointOfSegment ( const Standard_Boolean  B)
void TopOpeBRep_Point2d::SetIsVertex ( const Standard_Integer  I,
const Standard_Boolean  B 
void TopOpeBRep_Point2d::SetKeep ( const Standard_Boolean  B)
void TopOpeBRep_Point2d::SetParameter ( const Standard_Integer  I,
const Standard_Real  P 
void TopOpeBRep_Point2d::SetPint ( const IntRes2d_IntersectionPoint P)
void TopOpeBRep_Point2d::SetSegmentAncestors ( const Standard_Integer  IP1,
const Standard_Integer  IP2 
void TopOpeBRep_Point2d::SetStatus ( const TopOpeBRep_P2Dstatus  S)
void TopOpeBRep_Point2d::SetTolerance ( const Standard_Real  T)
void TopOpeBRep_Point2d::SetTransition ( const Standard_Integer  I,
const TopOpeBRepDS_Transition T 
void TopOpeBRep_Point2d::SetValue ( const gp_Pnt P)
void TopOpeBRep_Point2d::SetValue2d ( const gp_Pnt2d P)
void TopOpeBRep_Point2d::SetVertex ( const Standard_Integer  I,
const TopoDS_Vertex V 
TopOpeBRep_P2Dstatus TopOpeBRep_Point2d::Status ( ) const
Standard_Real TopOpeBRep_Point2d::Tolerance ( ) const
const TopOpeBRepDS_Transition& TopOpeBRep_Point2d::Transition ( const Standard_Integer  I) const
const gp_Pnt& TopOpeBRep_Point2d::Value ( ) const
const gp_Pnt2d& TopOpeBRep_Point2d::Value2d ( ) const
const TopoDS_Vertex& TopOpeBRep_Point2d::Vertex ( const Standard_Integer  I) const

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