Open CASCADE Technology  7.0.0
Public Member Functions
TopOpeBRepBuild_SolidBuilder Class Reference

#include <TopOpeBRepBuild_SolidBuilder.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 TopOpeBRepBuild_SolidBuilder ()
 TopOpeBRepBuild_SolidBuilder (TopOpeBRepBuild_ShellFaceSet &FS, const Standard_Boolean ForceClass=Standard_False)
 Create a SolidBuilder to build the areas on the shapes (shells, blocks of faces) described by <LS>. More...
void InitSolidBuilder (TopOpeBRepBuild_ShellFaceSet &FS, const Standard_Boolean ForceClass)
Standard_Integer InitSolid ()
Standard_Boolean MoreSolid () const
void NextSolid ()
Standard_Integer InitShell ()
Standard_Boolean MoreShell () const
void NextShell ()
Standard_Boolean IsOldShell () const
const TopoDS_ShapeOldShell () const
 Returns current shell This shell may be : More...
Standard_Integer InitFace ()
Standard_Boolean MoreFace () const
void NextFace ()
const TopoDS_ShapeFace () const
 Returns current new face of current new shell. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TopOpeBRepBuild_SolidBuilder::TopOpeBRepBuild_SolidBuilder ( )
TopOpeBRepBuild_SolidBuilder::TopOpeBRepBuild_SolidBuilder ( TopOpeBRepBuild_ShellFaceSet FS,
const Standard_Boolean  ForceClass = Standard_False 

Create a SolidBuilder to build the areas on the shapes (shells, blocks of faces) described by <LS>.

Member Function Documentation

const TopoDS_Shape& TopOpeBRepBuild_SolidBuilder::Face ( ) const

Returns current new face of current new shell.

Standard_Integer TopOpeBRepBuild_SolidBuilder::InitFace ( )
Standard_Integer TopOpeBRepBuild_SolidBuilder::InitShell ( )
Standard_Integer TopOpeBRepBuild_SolidBuilder::InitSolid ( )
void TopOpeBRepBuild_SolidBuilder::InitSolidBuilder ( TopOpeBRepBuild_ShellFaceSet FS,
const Standard_Boolean  ForceClass 
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRepBuild_SolidBuilder::IsOldShell ( ) const
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRepBuild_SolidBuilder::MoreFace ( ) const
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRepBuild_SolidBuilder::MoreShell ( ) const
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRepBuild_SolidBuilder::MoreSolid ( ) const
void TopOpeBRepBuild_SolidBuilder::NextFace ( )
void TopOpeBRepBuild_SolidBuilder::NextShell ( )
void TopOpeBRepBuild_SolidBuilder::NextSolid ( )
const TopoDS_Shape& TopOpeBRepBuild_SolidBuilder::OldShell ( ) const

Returns current shell This shell may be :

  • an old shell OldShell(), which has not been reconstructed;
  • a new shell made of faces described by ...NewFace() methods.

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