Open CASCADE Technology  7.0.0
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VrmlData_ShapeConvert Class Reference

#include <VrmlData_ShapeConvert.hxx>

Data Structures

struct  ShapeData

Public Member Functions

 VrmlData_ShapeConvert (VrmlData_Scene &theScene, const Standard_Real theScale=1.)
void AddShape (const TopoDS_Shape &theShape, const char *theName=0L)
void Convert (const Standard_Boolean theExtractFaces, const Standard_Boolean theExtractEdges, const Standard_Real theDeflection=0.01, const Standard_Real theDeflAngle=20.*M_PI/180.)

Protected Member Functions

Handle< VrmlData_GeometrytriToIndexedFaceSet (const Handle< Poly_Triangulation > &, const TopoDS_Face &, const Handle< VrmlData_Coordinate > &)
Handle< VrmlData_GeometrypolToIndexedLineSet (const Handle< Poly_Polygon3D > &)
Handle< VrmlData_AppearancedefaultMaterialFace () const
Handle< VrmlData_AppearancedefaultMaterialEdge () const

Detailed Description

Algorithm converting one shape or a set of shapes to VrmlData_Scene.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VrmlData_ShapeConvert::VrmlData_ShapeConvert ( VrmlData_Scene theScene,
const Standard_Real  theScale = 1. 


theSceneScene receiving all Vrml data.
theScaleScale factor, considering that VRML standard specifies coordinates in meters. So if your data are in mm, you should provide theScale=0.001

Member Function Documentation

void VrmlData_ShapeConvert::AddShape ( const TopoDS_Shape theShape,
const char *  theName = 0L 

Add one shape to the internal list, may be called several times with different shapes.

void VrmlData_ShapeConvert::Convert ( const Standard_Boolean  theExtractFaces,
const Standard_Boolean  theExtractEdges,
const Standard_Real  theDeflection = 0.01,
const Standard_Real  theDeflAngle = 20.*M_PI/180. 

Convert all accumulated shapes and store them in myScene. The internal data structures are cleared in the end of convertion.

theExtractFacesIf True, converter extracst faces from the shapes.
theExtractEdgesIf True, converter extracts edges from the shapes.
theDeflectionDeflection for tessellation of geometrical lines/surfaces. Existing mesh is used if its deflection is smaller than the one given by this parameter.
theDeflAngleAngular deflection for tessellation of geometrical lines.
Handle< VrmlData_Appearance > VrmlData_ShapeConvert::defaultMaterialEdge ( ) const
Handle< VrmlData_Appearance > VrmlData_ShapeConvert::defaultMaterialFace ( ) const
Handle< VrmlData_Geometry > VrmlData_ShapeConvert::polToIndexedLineSet ( const Handle< Poly_Polygon3D > &  )
Handle< VrmlData_Geometry > VrmlData_ShapeConvert::triToIndexedFaceSet ( const Handle< Poly_Triangulation > &  ,
const TopoDS_Face ,
const Handle< VrmlData_Coordinate > &   

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