Open CASCADE Technology  7.1.0.beta
Static Public Member Functions
GeomInt_LineTool Class Reference

#include <GeomInt_LineTool.hxx>

Static Public Member Functions

static Standard_Integer NbVertex (const Handle< IntPatch_Line > &L)
static const IntPatch_PointVertex (const Handle< IntPatch_Line > &L, const Standard_Integer I)
static Standard_Real FirstParameter (const Handle< IntPatch_Line > &L)
static Standard_Real LastParameter (const Handle< IntPatch_Line > &L)
static Standard_Boolean DecompositionOfWLine (const Handle< IntPatch_WLine > &theWLine, const Handle< GeomAdaptor_HSurface > &theSurface1, const Handle< GeomAdaptor_HSurface > &theSurface2, const Standard_Real aTolSum, const GeomInt_LineConstructor &theLConstructor, IntPatch_SequenceOfLine &theNewLines)

Member Function Documentation

static Standard_Boolean GeomInt_LineTool::DecompositionOfWLine ( const Handle< IntPatch_WLine > &  theWLine,
const Handle< GeomAdaptor_HSurface > &  theSurface1,
const Handle< GeomAdaptor_HSurface > &  theSurface2,
const Standard_Real  aTolSum,
const GeomInt_LineConstructor theLConstructor,
IntPatch_SequenceOfLine theNewLines 
static Standard_Real GeomInt_LineTool::FirstParameter ( const Handle< IntPatch_Line > &  L)
static Standard_Real GeomInt_LineTool::LastParameter ( const Handle< IntPatch_Line > &  L)
static Standard_Integer GeomInt_LineTool::NbVertex ( const Handle< IntPatch_Line > &  L)
static const IntPatch_Point& GeomInt_LineTool::Vertex ( const Handle< IntPatch_Line > &  L,
const Standard_Integer  I 

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