Open CASCADE Technology  7.1.0.beta
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HLRBRep_FaceData Class Reference

#include <HLRBRep_FaceData.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 HLRBRep_FaceData ()
void Set (const TopoDS_Face &FG, const TopAbs_Orientation Or, const Standard_Boolean Cl, const Standard_Integer NW)
 <Or> is the orientation of the face. <Cl> is true if the face belongs to a closed volume. <NW> is the number of wires ( or block of edges ) of the face. More...
void SetWire (const Standard_Integer WI, const Standard_Integer NE)
 Set <NE> the number of edges of the wire number <WI>. More...
void SetWEdge (const Standard_Integer WI, const Standard_Integer EWI, const Standard_Integer EI, const TopAbs_Orientation Or, const Standard_Boolean OutL, const Standard_Boolean Inte, const Standard_Boolean Dble, const Standard_Boolean IsoL)
 Set the edge number <EWI> of the wire <WI>. More...
Standard_Boolean Selected () const
void Selected (const Standard_Boolean B)
Standard_Boolean Back () const
void Back (const Standard_Boolean B)
Standard_Boolean Side () const
void Side (const Standard_Boolean B)
Standard_Boolean Closed () const
void Closed (const Standard_Boolean B)
Standard_Boolean Hiding () const
void Hiding (const Standard_Boolean B)
Standard_Boolean Simple () const
void Simple (const Standard_Boolean B)
Standard_Boolean Cut () const
void Cut (const Standard_Boolean B)
Standard_Boolean WithOutL () const
void WithOutL (const Standard_Boolean B)
Standard_Boolean Plane () const
void Plane (const Standard_Boolean B)
Standard_Boolean Cylinder () const
void Cylinder (const Standard_Boolean B)
Standard_Boolean Cone () const
void Cone (const Standard_Boolean B)
Standard_Boolean Sphere () const
void Sphere (const Standard_Boolean B)
Standard_Boolean Torus () const
void Torus (const Standard_Boolean B)
Standard_Real Size () const
void Size (const Standard_Real S)
TopAbs_Orientation Orientation () const
void Orientation (const TopAbs_Orientation O)
Handle< HLRAlgo_WiresBlock > & Wires ()
HLRBRep_SurfaceGeometry ()
Standard_ShortReal Tolerance () const

Protected Types

enum  EMaskFlags {
  EMaskOrient = 15, FMaskSelected = 16, FMaskBack = 32, FMaskSide = 64,
  FMaskClosed = 128, FMaskHiding = 256, FMaskSimple = 512, FMaskCut = 1024,
  FMaskWithOutL = 2048, FMaskPlane = 4096, FMaskCylinder = 8192, FMaskCone = 16384,
  FMaskSphere = 32768, FMaskTorus = 65536

Member Enumeration Documentation


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HLRBRep_FaceData::HLRBRep_FaceData ( )

Member Function Documentation

Standard_Boolean HLRBRep_FaceData::Back ( ) const
void HLRBRep_FaceData::Back ( const Standard_Boolean  B)
Standard_Boolean HLRBRep_FaceData::Closed ( ) const
void HLRBRep_FaceData::Closed ( const Standard_Boolean  B)
Standard_Boolean HLRBRep_FaceData::Cone ( ) const
void HLRBRep_FaceData::Cone ( const Standard_Boolean  B)
Standard_Boolean HLRBRep_FaceData::Cut ( ) const
void HLRBRep_FaceData::Cut ( const Standard_Boolean  B)
Standard_Boolean HLRBRep_FaceData::Cylinder ( ) const
void HLRBRep_FaceData::Cylinder ( const Standard_Boolean  B)
HLRBRep_Surface& HLRBRep_FaceData::Geometry ( )
Standard_Boolean HLRBRep_FaceData::Hiding ( ) const
void HLRBRep_FaceData::Hiding ( const Standard_Boolean  B)
TopAbs_Orientation HLRBRep_FaceData::Orientation ( ) const
void HLRBRep_FaceData::Orientation ( const TopAbs_Orientation  O)
Standard_Boolean HLRBRep_FaceData::Plane ( ) const
void HLRBRep_FaceData::Plane ( const Standard_Boolean  B)
Standard_Boolean HLRBRep_FaceData::Selected ( ) const
void HLRBRep_FaceData::Selected ( const Standard_Boolean  B)
void HLRBRep_FaceData::Set ( const TopoDS_Face FG,
const TopAbs_Orientation  Or,
const Standard_Boolean  Cl,
const Standard_Integer  NW 

<Or> is the orientation of the face. <Cl> is true if the face belongs to a closed volume. <NW> is the number of wires ( or block of edges ) of the face.

void HLRBRep_FaceData::SetWEdge ( const Standard_Integer  WI,
const Standard_Integer  EWI,
const Standard_Integer  EI,
const TopAbs_Orientation  Or,
const Standard_Boolean  OutL,
const Standard_Boolean  Inte,
const Standard_Boolean  Dble,
const Standard_Boolean  IsoL 

Set the edge number <EWI> of the wire <WI>.

void HLRBRep_FaceData::SetWire ( const Standard_Integer  WI,
const Standard_Integer  NE 

Set <NE> the number of edges of the wire number <WI>.

Standard_Boolean HLRBRep_FaceData::Side ( ) const
void HLRBRep_FaceData::Side ( const Standard_Boolean  B)
Standard_Boolean HLRBRep_FaceData::Simple ( ) const
void HLRBRep_FaceData::Simple ( const Standard_Boolean  B)
Standard_Real HLRBRep_FaceData::Size ( ) const
void HLRBRep_FaceData::Size ( const Standard_Real  S)
Standard_Boolean HLRBRep_FaceData::Sphere ( ) const
void HLRBRep_FaceData::Sphere ( const Standard_Boolean  B)
Standard_ShortReal HLRBRep_FaceData::Tolerance ( ) const
Standard_Boolean HLRBRep_FaceData::Torus ( ) const
void HLRBRep_FaceData::Torus ( const Standard_Boolean  B)
Handle< HLRAlgo_WiresBlock >& HLRBRep_FaceData::Wires ( )
Standard_Boolean HLRBRep_FaceData::WithOutL ( ) const
void HLRBRep_FaceData::WithOutL ( const Standard_Boolean  B)

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