Open CASCADE Technology  7.1.0.beta
Data Fields
maovpar_1_ Struct Reference

#include <AdvApp2Var_Data.hxx>

Data Fields

doublereal r8und
doublereal r8ovr
doublereal x4und
doublereal x4ovr
real r4und
real r4ovr
integer r4nbe
integer r8nbm
integer r8nbe
integer i4ovr
integer i4ovn
integer r4exp
integer r8exp
integer r4exn
integer r8exn
integer r4ncs
integer r8ncs
integer r4nbm
shortint i2ovr
shortint i2ovn

Field Documentation

shortint maovpar_1_::i2ovn
shortint maovpar_1_::i2ovr
integer maovpar_1_::i4ovn
integer maovpar_1_::i4ovr
integer maovpar_1_::r4exn
integer maovpar_1_::r4exp
integer maovpar_1_::r4nbe
integer maovpar_1_::r4nbm
integer maovpar_1_::r4ncs
real maovpar_1_::r4ovr
real maovpar_1_::r4und
integer maovpar_1_::r8exn
integer maovpar_1_::r8exp
integer maovpar_1_::r8nbe
integer maovpar_1_::r8nbm
integer maovpar_1_::r8ncs
doublereal maovpar_1_::r8ovr
doublereal maovpar_1_::r8und
doublereal maovpar_1_::x4ovr
doublereal maovpar_1_::x4und

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