Open CASCADE Technology  7.1.0.beta
Data Fields
mdnombr_1_ Struct Reference

#include <AdvApp2Var_Data.hxx>

Data Fields

doublereal pi
doublereal deuxpi
doublereal pisur2
doublereal pis180
doublereal c180pi
doublereal zero
doublereal one
doublereal a180
doublereal a360
doublereal a90

Field Documentation

doublereal mdnombr_1_::a180
doublereal mdnombr_1_::a360
doublereal mdnombr_1_::a90
doublereal mdnombr_1_::c180pi
doublereal mdnombr_1_::deuxpi
doublereal mdnombr_1_::one
doublereal mdnombr_1_::pi
doublereal mdnombr_1_::pis180
doublereal mdnombr_1_::pisur2
doublereal mdnombr_1_::zero

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