DRAW Test Harness

Open CASCADE Test Harness, also called DRAW, provides testing tools for other modules.


Test Harness or Draw is a convenient testing tool for OCCT libraries. It can be used to test and prototype various algorithms before building an entire application. It includes:

  • A command interpreter based on the TCL language;
  • A number of 2D and 3D viewers;
  • A set of predefined commands.

The viewers support operations such as zoom, pan, rotation and full-screen views.

The basic commands provide general-purpose services such as:

  • Getting help;
  • Evaluating a script from a file;
  • Capturing commands in a file;
  • Managing views;
  • Displaying objects.

In addition, Test Harness provides commands to create and manipulate curves and surfaces (geometry) and shapes, access visualization services, work with OCAF documents, perform data exchange, etc.

The Test Harness also provides geometric commands to create and manipulate curves and surfaces, and topological commands to create and manipulate shapes. Geometric and topological commands implement geometry and topology resources, and provide examples of their use.

You can add custom commands to test or demonstrate any new functionalities, which you develop.

For more details see Draw Test Harness Manual.

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