Open CASCADE Technology  7.0.0
Public Member Functions
TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector Class Reference

Describes the intersection of two edges on the same surface. More...

#include <TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector ()
virtual ~TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector ()
void SetFaces (const TopoDS_Shape &F1, const TopoDS_Shape &F2)
void SetFaces (const TopoDS_Shape &F1, const TopoDS_Shape &F2, const Bnd_Box &B1, const Bnd_Box &B2)
void ForceTolerances (const Standard_Real Tol1, const Standard_Real Tol2)
void Dimension (const Standard_Integer D)
Standard_Integer Dimension () const
 set working space dimension D = 1 for E &|| W, 2 for E in F More...
void Perform (const TopoDS_Shape &E1, const TopoDS_Shape &E2, const Standard_Boolean ReduceSegments=Standard_True)
Standard_Boolean IsEmpty ()
Standard_Boolean HasSegment () const
 true if at least one intersection segment. More...
Standard_Boolean SameDomain () const
 = mySameDomain. More...
const TopoDS_ShapeEdge (const Standard_Integer Index) const
const Geom2dAdaptor_CurveCurve (const Standard_Integer Index) const
const TopoDS_ShapeFace (const Standard_Integer Index) const
const BRepAdaptor_SurfaceSurface (const Standard_Integer Index) const
Standard_Boolean SurfacesSameOriented () const
Standard_Boolean FacesSameOriented () const
Standard_Real ToleranceMax () const
void Tolerances (Standard_Real &tol1, Standard_Real &tol2) const
Standard_Real Tolerance2 () const
Standard_Integer NbPoints () const
Standard_Integer NbSegments () const
void Dump (const TCollection_AsciiString &str, const Standard_Integer ie1=0, const Standard_Integer ie2=0)
void InitPoint (const Standard_Boolean selectkeep=Standard_True)
Standard_Boolean MorePoint () const
void NextPoint ()
const TopOpeBRep_SequenceOfPoint2dPoints () const
const TopOpeBRep_Point2dPoint () const
const TopOpeBRep_Point2dPoint (const Standard_Integer I) const
virtual Standard_Boolean ReduceSegment (TopOpeBRep_Point2d &P1, TopOpeBRep_Point2d &P2, TopOpeBRep_Point2d &Pn) const
TopOpeBRep_P2Dstatus Status1 () const

Detailed Description

Describes the intersection of two edges on the same surface.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector::TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector ( )
virtual TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector::~TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector ( )

Member Function Documentation

const Geom2dAdaptor_Curve& TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector::Curve ( const Standard_Integer  Index) const
void TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector::Dimension ( const Standard_Integer  D)
Standard_Integer TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector::Dimension ( ) const

set working space dimension D = 1 for E &|| W, 2 for E in F

void TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector::Dump ( const TCollection_AsciiString str,
const Standard_Integer  ie1 = 0,
const Standard_Integer  ie2 = 0 
const TopoDS_Shape& TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector::Edge ( const Standard_Integer  Index) const
const TopoDS_Shape& TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector::Face ( const Standard_Integer  Index) const
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector::FacesSameOriented ( ) const
void TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector::ForceTolerances ( const Standard_Real  Tol1,
const Standard_Real  Tol2 
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector::HasSegment ( ) const

true if at least one intersection segment.

void TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector::InitPoint ( const Standard_Boolean  selectkeep = Standard_True)
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector::IsEmpty ( )
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector::MorePoint ( ) const
Standard_Integer TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector::NbPoints ( ) const
Standard_Integer TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector::NbSegments ( ) const
void TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector::NextPoint ( )
void TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector::Perform ( const TopoDS_Shape E1,
const TopoDS_Shape E2,
const Standard_Boolean  ReduceSegments = Standard_True 
const TopOpeBRep_Point2d& TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector::Point ( ) const
const TopOpeBRep_Point2d& TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector::Point ( const Standard_Integer  I) const
const TopOpeBRep_SequenceOfPoint2d& TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector::Points ( ) const
virtual Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector::ReduceSegment ( TopOpeBRep_Point2d P1,
TopOpeBRep_Point2d P2,
TopOpeBRep_Point2d Pn 
) const
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector::SameDomain ( ) const

= mySameDomain.

void TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector::SetFaces ( const TopoDS_Shape F1,
const TopoDS_Shape F2 
void TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector::SetFaces ( const TopoDS_Shape F1,
const TopoDS_Shape F2,
const Bnd_Box B1,
const Bnd_Box B2 
TopOpeBRep_P2Dstatus TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector::Status1 ( ) const
const BRepAdaptor_Surface& TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector::Surface ( const Standard_Integer  Index) const
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector::SurfacesSameOriented ( ) const
Standard_Real TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector::Tolerance2 ( ) const
Standard_Real TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector::ToleranceMax ( ) const
void TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector::Tolerances ( Standard_Real tol1,
Standard_Real tol2 
) const

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