Get the basic knowledge of the major components and techniques with E-learning courses, remotely and at your own pace.


The E-learning course is provided remotely, in the form of self-training, mainly suitable for students, graduates and independent professionals. The E-learning course is available as a single package consisting of the following training modules:

The training modules are divided into sub-modules, or chapters. Each training chapter includes an electronic tutorial in HTML form and a programming exercise to be completed, both accessible via the Customer Corner, over the Internet.

The E-learning course is available for separate purchase, or within «A la carte» support programs. The E-learning can start on any business day within the validity period of the purchased package, and may last up to 16 business days. 

Upon getting a new request for E-learning, a trainer contacts the trainee back to explain what is required for accessing the Customer Corner. The E-learning course starts as soon as the trainee receives a confirmation of registration in the Customer Corner from the trainer.

To ask questions and get the trainer's assistance, the trainee uses e-mail (or other remote communication channel, upon agreement with the trainer). The trainer spends up to 2 hours a day to provide help with the electronic tutorial, answer questions and correct the exercise completion.

When a training chapter is concluded, the trainer provides the solution of the corresponding exercise.


  • Easy self-training is a cost-effective alternative to standard training,
  • E-learning is a way to pass the training program at your own speed.

Take your time to discover detailed contents of the courses and order your E-learning session !

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