Technology Consulting

Benefit from meeting our technical experts in person.


Expert consulting is delivered either through remote or direct on-site meetings. With expert consulting, you get highly specialized advice on best practices, methodology, project management, choice of programming, analysis and other aspects of your project.

This option can be most optimal when deep understanding of the project is required to provide most adapted and peculiar assistance. This often happens at the early stages of the project (in such case, the best solution is to combine consulting with prior training) or at some crucial project milestones, when specific advice is required.

The expert consulting is provided by members of a team of experts with more than 20 years of experience in development of scientific and industrial applications.

Below is some representative list of possible issues you may seek our help for:

  • Architecture and Data model (e.g. open and extensible architectures, OCAF-based parametric engines, definition of objects and operations, etc).
    • Efficient application ergonomics (intuitive and consistent GUI design, user workflows).
      • Integration with other software (such as simulation and FE solvers; interoperability issues).
        • Specific expertise useful in development of CAM (machining), CMM (measurement), pre- and post-processing applications.
          • Integration of our software components.

          Expert consulting is available as an option within support programs.

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