Technical Support

Solve non-trivial problems with our technical support.


This option is optimal when resolving complex issues exceeding the frames of a Helpdesk query. It may imply development of some algorithm or a class following your specifications, customization and improvement of some existing algorithms, providing some exhaustive analysis report of a particular problem with elaborating miscellaneous recommendations, guidelines, etc.

Such need usually occurs in the course of your project when seeking for some smart implementation, aiming at additional performance gains and in other similar conditions. In such circumstances only an experienced team of developers and experts can find a solution, and that is why OPEN CASCADE team will be at your disposal!

Within the frame of this service, you may submit a problem or task description to a Helpdesk representative. The Helpdesk representative analyzes the request (alone or together with other specialists) and prepares the corresponding technical proposal and estimation in terms of Technical support days. The implementation can be started upon getting your agreement on the proposed estimation.

Below is some representative list of possible issues you may seek our help for:

  • Sophisticated techniques of using algorithms (e.g. surface morphing and reconstruction, shape healing).
    • Advanced visualization (e.g. particular graphical presentations, custom selection filters, handling large set of objects).
      • Porting of applications (support of other platforms, operating systems, compilers, etc).
        • Performance measurement and improvement.

        Technical support is available as an option within support programs.

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