Efficient rendering of CGS models

"Venice" CSG model (synthetic test case by OPEN CASCADE)


For the applications dealing with Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) models, OPEN CASCADE offers the world-leading visualization solution that does not require tessellation of a CSG model. This becomes a unique opportunity for OPEN CASCADE customers to switch from more traditional boundary representation (BRep) model format to CSG, when efficient visualization of a complex CSG model is a blocking factor. CSG modeling is used where uncompromised precision is a must – like optics or Monte-Carlo simulations.

Based on our research works, this solution is able to render a CSG model of up to several millions 3D primitives like boxes, cylinders, spheres, cones, tori, and general second-order algebraic surfaces, with real-time frame rate and high-precision rendering result independent from the current camera zoom level.

OPEN CASCADE “know-how” includes special pre-processing of a CSG model tree and extremely fast intersection of the CSG tree with rays on GPU to create the output image. The pre-processing stage is also highly optimized - thus enabling fully interactive editing of a CSG model! Have you ever dreamed about this?

"Satellites" CSG model (synthetic test case by OPEN CASCADE
– illustrates real-time modification of a CSG model: the satellites move around the planet)


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