Visualization of Digital Mockup and large assemblies

Are you ready to face the big data challenge?


Industrial customers of OPEN CASCADE nowadays have to deal with extremely large and complex CAD  assemblies containing about 100 000 parts or above that. This is a typical use case for shipbuilding, aircraft building and plant design.  Trying to visualize this amount of CAD data in existing CAD systems often does not work out of the box. We at OPEN CASCADE are aware of this and have been working for years to help our customers face this challenge.

One strategy is to simplify your CAD data using our Digital Mockup (DMU) Simplification technology. Once processed by the DMU simplification toolchain and converted to internal optimized representation, a DMU assembly can be visualized efficiently – even using the basic OPEN CASCADE visualization.

However, there are use cases when it is impossible to reduce the number of parts in an assembly to the level when fluent and fully interactive visualization becomes feasible. E.g. dealing with production equipment, you normally cannot sacrifice a single pipe, and you prefer to preserve every single beam when dealing with a plant model. For such use cases, OPEN CASCADE proudly offers a state-of-the-art visualization solution based on smart grouping of graphic presentations and minimizing the CPU overhead during rendering – thus giving you a unique opportunity to handle your complicated CAD assembly in a 3D viewer as easy as a teapot model. Would you like it?

Apart from the performance gain achieved with our technology, our customers get a complete set of interactive visualization and selection features required for dealing with complex industrial assemblies  – such as efficient means for highlighting the parts of the interest in a big assembly, changing visibility and filtering. Use the link below to get complete information about OPEN CASCADE visualization solutions for DMU and large assemblies. 

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