CAM Library


The Open CASCADE CAM Library SDK provides a set of dedicated algorithms allowing the developer to do the following:

  • Convert (approximate) arbitrary 2d curves into sequences of circular arcs and linear segments. The algorithm treats 2d curves contained within the edges that form planar wires (contours).
  • Build planar sections of a shape (using its mesh representation).
  • Offset planar sections.
  • Build path contours for pocketing operation.
  • Build geodesic curves on the surface of a shape:
    • A shortest path between two given points.
    • An isoline for the given start point (seed) and distance.


The Open CASCADE CAM Library lets you do the following operations:

  • Convert contours: there is a special package available that provides algorithms (methods) to convert contours consisting of geometrical 2D curves of arbitrary type into contours consisting of 2D circular arcs and 2D linear segments only.
  • Compute planar sections: a dedicated class provides an algorithm for computing planar sections on a set of triangular meshes.
  • Compute planar outlines: a dedicated class provides an algorithm for computing outlines (planar projections similar to HLR) of a set of triangular meshes.
  • Compute planar offsets: a 2D offset algorithm is capable of building offsets of polygonal contours (i.e. contours composed of linear segments). The algorithm can provide either outer (i.e. expand-type polygons) or inner offsets (i.e. shrink-type polygons), or both at once.
  • Compute paths for pocketing operation: a dedicated algorithm allows computation of tool paths for the pocketing operation on a plane. The current implementation realizes an internal pocketing algorithm that calculates a set of offset contours placed in the interior of the pocket borders.
  • Geodesic algorithm: an algorithm for building geodesic curves is implemented in a dedicated class. The algorithms in that class work on a discrete (triangulated) model represented by triangulations of the faces of the input shape. The process of building geodesic curves starts with building a distance field on the triangulation. The algorithm builds a precise distance field. Inaccuracy of the distance field is defined by roundoff errors only. Using these algorithms you can also compute the shortest path and compute isolines.


  • Open CASCADE CAM Library is crucial for CAM applications that require efficient ready to use computational algorithms.
  • Seamless integration of CAM functionality with CAD modules written with Open CASCADE Technology.
  • Combination of elementary algorithms allows solving quite complex CAM tasks.
  • Results of computations are easily convertible to formats needed by various machines.
  • Backwards compatibility of the results produced by the algorithms with the modeling functionality of Open CASCADE Technology, allowing further processing using OCCT algorithms.


The Open CASCADE CAM Library SDK is based on the latest version of Open CASCADE Technology, and requires no other external software.

It is available on all platforms supported by the corresponding version of Open CASCADE Technology.

Operational mode and possible limitations are described in the documentation accompanying the module.

Please, contact us if you wish to evaluate this component or need more information.

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