September 15, 2015

OPEN CASCADE is happy and proud to announce the launch of our new re-designed website.

This website merges our traditionally separated .com and .org websites into a single user-friendly website that, as we hope, will be simple to understand and navigate. The new website has a greater emphasis on our range of products and services, at the same time giving you a clear idea on what OPEN CASCADE is and what added value it provides for its customers.

Our website has got a completely new and fresh innovative appearance, intuitive navigation and reliable search functionality. In spite of a completely new appearance the website still has some familiar features and tools such as our Forum, Downloads section, etc.

Open CASCADE Technology Collaborative Development Portal at remains unchanged, as the website exclusively devoted to the development of Open CASCADE Technology (OCCT). If you are an Open Source Community enthusiast, you are welcome to join us in our efforts in making OCCT even better.

We welcome you to share your thoughts and feelings about the new website through a dedicated forum topic. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated!


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